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Managing Dotfiles

Have you ever wondered what the hidden ~/.bash_profile, ~/.profile and ~/.bashrc files are for? Which one do you edit in which case? Well, then this is for you. » READ MORE

Setting Up Your Python Environment on a Mac

In this post I’m going to explain how to install a working Python environment for Scientific Computing on macOS. That includes NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib etc. but also some more advanced tools and even a framework for Machine Intelligence and Deep Learning. » READ MORE

Setting Up a New Mac

In this post I am going to guide you through my personal setup of a new machine, show you all the apps I have installed, and generally tell you all the tweaks and settings that make my Mac personal to me. » READ MORE

Installing Software via Homebrew

Installing software is a pain in the ass, especially after you just got a new Mac and need to set it up from scratch. You need to navigate to each and every website of all your favorite apps. You then need to find the Download section on that page. Then you need to wait for the download to finish before you can eventually – after many, many clicks – unzip and move the app to the /Applications folder. This can be done much easier using a tool called Homebrew. » READ MORE